Kieran Curtis, Digital Marketing Strategist

Picture of Kieran Curtis

After graduating from a degree in English and Creative Writing (with a focus on digital narrative), Kieran went on to work in the e-Commerce field as a copywriter/ social media manager for a Chinese tech company based in Cardiff called Digi4u LTD. A short two years and a rapid whirlwind career path led Kieran on to managing the online arm and marketing for Rugby Heaven, the largest rugby retailer in South Wales, and a team of 7 at the tender age of 25.

Kieran now combines his extensive knowledge of the eCommerce sector, man-management experience, and digital marketing prowess in everything he does, while trying to rediscover the creative flair he had coming out of University after so many years juggling the management of a highly successful online eCommerce business. For years he’s been known as an Amazon platform specialist for both Vendor and Seller and he loves offering his insight to anyone who needs it!

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